Monday, June 7, 2010

Squidoo's Sunshine Award Contest

Squidoo is giving away $99 a day to charity for 60 days starting Jun 7th this summer.

Philanthropy is one of my passions, so I've created a lens called Philanthropic Online Activism which is a mini-lensography of my charity "Click-to-Give" lenses (web pages) that help support various causes like:

ENTER ALT-TEXT HERE• feeding the world's hungry;
• rescuing and caring for abandoned animals;
• helping and promoting child literacy;
• preserving and protecting the environment;
• providing free healthcare for needy children;
• helping women with breast cancer.

I'd like to nominate this lens for Squidoo's Summer Sunshine Award. 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

If you feel that this lens is worthy of your support, I would humbly request you to NOMINATE it (see details at the end of the lens).

Thanks for your support!